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  Your Internet account is supplied by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The basic and essential elements of this account are:
  • the space on the ISP's computers where the web site will be housed;
  • full email facilities so that you can have email sent to e.g.
  • statistics package showing how many visitors viewed your site
  Although a typical cost for an account with these elements is less than 2 per week, there are a multitude of other options which can be included and may, or may not, be appropriate for your requirements e.g. how much web space is included in the basic package - is this sufficient for your site? Is the functionality on the server what you require to run your web site? Does the Email account include anti-spam & anti-virus facilities? How detailed is the statistics package & does it provide the information you will need to appraise the performance of your site?

We will ensure that the ISP package you select meets the requirements for your particular business, at the most competitive price, and is with a server that has a proven track record in relation to the performance of it's servers and the technical support provided.

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